Wilderness Therapy - What To Expect.

Learn from the past - challenge the present - improve the future

What You Can Expect And What We Provide

You can expect the utmost in professionalism and care from the outset. Our enrolment and assessment process aims to guide you every step of the way. We know that making a decision like this is ultimately with the best interests of the child and the wider family at heart. So we always bear in mind the emotional challenges that the parents and families of the child being enrolled have endured. It’s not an easy decision and you need to feel that this is the right course of action to move beyond the current situation. We will support you in that.

We provide a programme of engagement for your child that will challenge them, but keep them safe. We know how to look after people’s emotional and physical safety in these remote, tough environments, so you can rest assured they are receiving the best possible care. The living is basic. It’s not Five Star luxury, but they will learn how to look after themselves. We will send you a kit-list of everything they need to bring to keep them comfortable and anything you don’t have access to, we can organise for hire.


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