So your parents want you to go on this trip? Why would that be a good idea?

Participant Testimonials

"Dear The Most Amazing Instructors!

I can’t thank you all enough for the help and adventure that you have taken me on this past few weeks. You have made me find the real me and my worth in the world. We have had our ups and downs, but you have helped me through it and I hope I have helped you through it too. You are probably the most amazing people I have met, and I actually mean that. I have never been able to be so open and talk so freely in my life and to talk about it with you is just brilliant because I’ve been holding a lot in for years and I’ve finally been able to talk about it."

Written by A – 17yrs old

What would you say to other young people who are thinking about coming on the programme?

"It feels so scary joining into this and you may feel like it’s completely stupid and can’t help you. But I promise it is worth all the hard work because you can have an amazing time here and it can really help you."

How would you describe the programme in 3 words?

"Friendships; hard; worth-it"

Written by P – 16yrs old

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be away for if I agree to come along?

Programmes for young people in 2019 are two weeks long. You will arrive on a Sunday, stay the following weekend, and be picked up on the Saturday after. Depending on travel time from where you live, you might decide to stay overnight somewhere on the way to and/or from the programme start.

Where will I go on the programme?

Someone will bring you to Stirling in Central Scotland (in between Edinburgh and Glasgow). You will meet the rest of the group and the staff team you’ll be working with there. After that, you’ll travel North into the Highlands, where you will stay for the rest of the programme. You will then return to Stirling to meet again with someone who will take you home.

Who are the other people on the programme? What will they be like?

Other young people: will be a similar age to you, or within a few of years. Everyone has chosen to come on the programme because things are somehow tough in their life. You might recognise similarities with other young people or you might feel quite different. You are all there because you recognise things aren’t the way you would like them to be, and you’re looking for ways to improve it. You might not get on with everyone immediately, but staff will always offer space to help you think about the relationships in the group as they develop.

Staff: You probably will have spoken to some staff before you arrive. You might have spoken to someone about how things are for you and whether attending the programme is the right thing for you. That person may well be there when you meet the rest of the group, but the people who will look after you for the rest of the programme are likely to be interested in getting to know you. Some of them will have specific skills or qualifications in certain areas. There will be at least one, sometimes two trained therapists and at least two outdoor learning facilitators with qualifications in leading outdoor activities.

Do I get access to my phone while I’m on programme?

Short answer: we’re afraid not. It’s important whilst you’re with us that you can focus on you.

What if I need to contact someone at home, will I be able to?

Short answer: we can’t guarantee it. Because of some of the places we go to, there isn’t always phone signal. IF there is, then the staff will have a conversation with you about who you need to contact and why. If it feels like a useful call, then they can let you use our phones to make the call.

What will I eat when I’m on the programme?

In accommodation: there are almost always ‘normal’ cooking facilities, so pretty much anything is possible. We always cook, eat and clean up as a group, so there is usually some discussion about what will work for everyone. Of course, if you have any significant preferences or dis-likes, the staff will make sure there is something you will eat and enjoy.

On expedition: That’s almost totally up to you! We provide a wide variety of options for you to choose from and most of them are things you are likely to recognise from your cupboards or supermarkets at home. There’s no boil in the bag, no dehydrated meals. Where possible we will carry fresh vegetables and fruit (your body will be delighted about this after days of instant noodles!) and help you to make meals you could recreate for yourself at home!

What do I need to bring?

There’s a kit list document on the resources page of the website. Have a look and take it from there…