Mission Statement

To provide a safe place for people to reflect on and explore their difficulties; to work in partnership with them as they build a healthy and flourishing life; and to facilitate connective, reparative experiences in communities and the outdoors.

About Venture Mòr

We provide Wilderness Therapy programmes throughout the UK for young people struggling with difficult circumstances. Our programmes are specifically tailored for 14-18 year olds, and are situated wholly in the wild spaces of Scotland. Our parent charity, Venture Trust, has an excellent reputation and over 30 years of experience in supporting vulnerable young people, helping them to make positive, sustainable life changes using the wilderness as a catalyst for personal development and life skills. This is a great platform on which to move Venture Mòr, our experienced field team and therapists into supporting young people from all walks of life.

Our Values

Pioneering: Investing in ideas and innovation in order to be at the international forefront of practice

Supportive: Helping individuals their communities and our staff safely engage in difficult work

Committed: Offering services that are tailored to meet individual needs

Learning: Striving to improve practice, draw from theory, rigorously capture our impact

Social Purpose

Venture Mòr is a social enterprise. All our profits are invested back into our parent charity, Venture Trust, to support the crucial programmes being provided for disadvantaged young people, veterans, and those caught in the criminal justice system.

So, when you book your a place on our Wilderness Therapy programme, you are giving your support to a very worthwhile charity that has the outdoors at its very heart. To learn more about Venture Trust, please visit the website www.venturetrust.org.uk

The Venture Mòr Team

Mike Strang - Head of Operations

Mike joined Venture Mòr from the Prince's Trust. Prior to that he worked for Fairbridge which was a sister charity to Venture Trust. He has over 20 years' experience working in the field, at sea (as skipper on the Spirit of Fairbridge tall ship) and managing teams delivering personal development programmes for disadvantaged groups and individuals who need belief and a positive intervention to regain control of their lives.

Through his work with Venture Mòr, he hopes to enrich the lives of young people through engaging programmes, adventure and wilderness. Venture Mòr provides young people with the tools they need to affect long lasting positive change laying the foundations for a more positive future.

Andy Hardie

Andy Hardie - Lead Therapist

Andy has been working in outdoor learning and personal development for over a decade. Since studying and starting his career in the Lake District, he has worked for some of the most well-known organisations in the sector. he is a therapist, registered with the BACP and committed to their code of ethics. He is a trainee member of the British Psychoanalytic Council approaching registration as an Organisational Therapist. He is an accredited practitioner of the Institute for Outdoor Learning and holds a variety of guiding and coaching qualifications in adventure activities.

Andy believes wild places provide a powerful opportunity to enhance a therapeutic process and offer a deeper understanding of it. He is fortunate to have a range of skills that allow him to work at depth with individuals and groups wishing to venture into this terrain.

Neil Ratley

Neil Ratley - Communications and Marketing Officer

Neil Ratley joined Venture Mòr in 2017. Before that he was a journalist in Australia and New Zealand for almost 10 years working for Fairfax Media - Australasia's leading media company. He specialised in reporting on social issues and as a police reporter. Neil also spent his younger years living and working in Scotland for a tour company as a hostel manager across the highlands and in Edinburgh.

In between raising the profile of Venture Mòr, Neil enjoys the odd adventure. In 2016 he rode a motorcycle from the bottom of South America to Texas. The adventures help him indulge in his love of photography and travel writing.


Tilly - Senior Field Guide

Tilly is our Senior Field Guide and has had a varied career both working with young people in community and outdoor activities and as an environmental educator. Having studied at Edinburgh University for his MA in outdoor, environmental and sustainability education, Tilly has developed this passion for working with people outdoors into a professional interest in therapeutic aspects of this work. He is currently studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Relations and Counselling. He retains a personal love of rock climbing and cross-country mountain biking and has a range of qualifications in leading adventure activities and is a master storyteller.


Katarina - Senior Field Therapist

Katarina is our Senior Field Therapist and is a qualified Art Therapist, professionally registered with Asociacion Profesional Espanola de Arteterapeutas and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). She is approaching registration as an Organisational Therapist and is a trainee member of the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC). She has worked in therapeutic roles in secure, institutional and community settings in several countries. She currently works with young people in several schools alongside her role with Venture Mor. She has a passion for rock climbing and spends much of her spare time travelling the world enjoying the exploration of new venues. As well as this she is an ambassador for the International Adventure Therapy community.



Jane studied French and Italian at university then trained as a chartered accountant with KPMG. Once qualified, she worked for many years in the investment sector. After a career break, Jane now enjoys the challenges of combining part-time work with Venture Mòr, wrestling her teenage children towards independence, and persuading the dog to walk to heel; a balance of rewarding and thankless tasks!  Jane loves the outdoors, particularly the mountains, having been brought up in the Highlands, and would happily spend all her free time hiking or skiing.